A Fresh Beginning

All that you wish! This summer at Screenshot. Stay Tuned! 


Screenshot is a hybrid space for Prague film lovers, art students, and tastemakers, offering a cozy screening room with independent film programming, gallery space, and two bars. 
Located in the heart of historic Prague, Screenshot lives to celebrate film, art, music, and fine cocktails. 


Jan Macush painting exhibition Continues!

The screenshot is where the inspiration for these small paintings starts. Screenshot of a security camera footage, the screenshot of your Instagram post. 
Come and see us, preferably with a glass of one of Screenshot’s amazing cocktails at the opening and enjoy the live music performances planned for the evening. 

         Come for the movie, stay for the Community

Screenshot’s Cinematic Menu

We have mastered our craft, shined our space, and learned more about you!  Now, lean back and let us take you to this Cinematic Journey.

Screenshot is a hybrid space for Prague film connoisseurs and tastemakers, offering the atmosphere of a cozy and artistic space with professional drink mixing, film programming, and high-quality sound and video production.

We live to celebrate film, art, music, and fine cocktails. 

As an international environment, our screenings are always with English subtitles. Before and after the viewings, you will enjoy Screenshot’s top-shelf cocktails, you can browse our library or enjoy the exhibition of arts in our small gallery. Screenshot’s gallery space is open to local and international visual artists. 

Film oriented events, concerts and exhibitions are what Screenshot is about.