Guatemalan Film Night & Latino Music Set

First Guatemalan films ever to enter Czech distribution, TREMORS and IXCANUL by Jayro Bustamante, in exclusive preview screenings!

Screenshot in collaboration with Artcam Films is thrilled to invite you to the first evening of series of very special screenings.

Founded in the year 2000 by Artemio Benki, Artcam Films is a film production and distribution company that annually presents up to 15 non-commercial films. Their choices are against the mainstream and driven by high artistic values.

Artcam Films impressive list of films for 2020, begins with a very special drama from Guatemala called “Tremors”. Winner of numerous awards, “Tremors” tells the story of a father of family, who is going through coming out in a very Christian and conservative society.
Now, Screenshot has the privilege to screen “Tremors”, before it’s official premiere in the country and for a selected number of audiences.

To make this Guatemalan evening perfect, Screenshot will also screens the previous film of Tremors’s director Jayro Bustamante.

“Ixcanul” tells the story of a young indigenous woman who does not want to live in the modern world until it saves her life during a pregnancy complication.

The films will be presented by Artcam in advance and celebrated by Oozlum Ethno/Latino music set after the screening.

A Very Special double feature Date on Valentine’s Day.

Ixcanul 18:30
Tremors 21:00


febdok 2-27.2

a one-month-long journey through European documentary films

Opening Ceremony Fedok + Forman vs. Forman

Directors: Helena Třeštíková, Jakub Hejna 

France, Czech Republic 2019 / 78 min.

A look at the life and work of director Milos Forman, from the Czech New Wave to Hollywood.


King Skate

Director: Šimon Šafránek

Czech Republic 2018/80.

Iconic figures of the Czech and world skateboarding scenes share stories of broken bones, unbreakable friendships and the wild ride for freedom in the middle of communism.


The Good Death

Director: Tomáš Krupa

Czech Republic 2018/ 83 min

Janette is terminally ill and wants to die in a dignified way but British laws do not allow it. She gets in touch with Dr. Erika in Switzerland, who is willing to help her. Muscular dystrophy, the illness that Janette suffers from, has affected her family for generations. Janette’s mother was wheelchair-bound for decades, becoming a prisoner in her own body.



When the War Comes + guest

Director: Jan Gebert
Croatia, Czechia 2018 / 76 min.
The controversial group Slovenskí branci (Slovak Conscripts) recruits young men from across Slovakia. Is this just an innocent game of playing soldiers? Or is it a militia flirting with extremism that presents a security threat?

The Lust for Power + guest (Tereza Nvotova)

Director: Tereza Nvotová
Czechia, Slovakia 2017 / 89 min.
Documentary film maker Tereza Novtová tells the story of her own country, a story which can take place anytime, anywhere. All that’s needed is one man and the credulous faith that he alone can make things better. The impact of Prime Minister Vladimír Mečiar on Slovakia in the 1990s was devastating. 


Director: Aslaug Holm
Norway 2015/100 min 
Aslaug Holm follows closely her two young sons Markus and Lukas in their everyday life, while being sons, close brothers, as well as being kids having pleasures and disappointments.

A Woman Captured

Director: Bernadett Tuza-Ritter

Hungary, Germany 2017 / 89 min.

Through its unique approach to its protagonist Marish, the film reveals a specific case of slavery, a shocking phenomenon in contemporary Europe. Twenty-five-year-old Edith, whose owner Eta gave her the new name Marish, has lived with her mistress for 10 years. She does all her housework 12 hours a day, usually at weekends too, and only for food, housing, and cigarettes…


The Last Self-Portrait

Director: Marek Kuboš    
Slovakia 2018/ 72 min
Marek Kubos has not shot a film in 13 years. His first film ever – a student exercise at film school – was a self-portrait. The circle is closed, the source of creativity has seemingly dried up.

The Sound Is Innocent + guest (Johana Ožvold)

Director: Johana Ožvold

Czechia, France, Slovakia 2019 / 70 min

When does sound become music? The Sound Is Innocent invites you on an audiovisual journey into a dreamlike space that explores the meaning, function, and significance of the world of electronic and experimental sound. Across five distinct chapters, the film guides us through an oscillating maze of creative figures and moments that’s as bracingly original as the pioneering music it so passionately documents.


Tarzan’s Testicles

Director: Alexandru Solomon         
France, Romania 105min
In the 1920s, a research center in Abkhazia was built to create a hybrid of man and monkey, the individuals of both species still live there today.

Days of Madness

Director: Damian Nenadić

Slovenia, Croatia 2018 / 73 min

Days of Madness portray an incredible odyssey of two mentally diverse and unjustly rejected people who are learning to accept it, faced with the blindness of the society and the health system that made them addicts.


Exit – Leaving Extremism Behind

Director: Karen Winther

Germany, Norway, Sweden 2018 / 85 min.

As a teenager, she longed for action and for a community that would accept her. When her expectations were not met by anarchists, she joined the neo-Nazis. But what finally caused her to leave extremism behind?


Putin’s Witnesses + guest

Director: Vitaly Mansky

Czechia, Latvia, Switzerland 2018 / 107 min

On December 31, 1999 Vladimir Putin ascended to the president’s chair in Russia. In his latest picture renowned documentarist Vitaly Mansky draws on witness accounts of the events that happened in the years following that fateful day. He then rounds it out with his own fascinating perspective and with the longtime unique experience of a man whom only a movie camera separated from upper echelon politics.


Every Wall Is a Door

Director: Elitza Gueorguieva                            
France 2018/ 60 min                                         
Drawing on VHS tapes of a programme hosted by her mother on Bulgaria’s national television, the filmmaker gives a pop-style and in-depth chronicle of the gentle – even “over-gentle” – 1989 revolution.

Central Bus Station

Director: Tomáš Elšík

Czechia 2018 / 75 min

Only recently, Tel Aviv’s Central Bus Station was still the largest in the world. But this oversized space only serves more than its original purpose to bring in masses of people who, confused by its complicated interior design, succumb to shopping fever. Over time this concrete monster, which won’t be easy to tear down, has become a temporary refuge for people on the margins of society – refugees, criminals, prostitutes. Like its main protagonist, the tourist guide Yonatan, the film’s director is fascinated by one of the wonders of the world of redundancy and the microcosm of the people who live here.


Írán:ci Film Festival 2020

|| The first major film event in 2020 will take place in mid-January. Already the 9th year of the IRAN: CI Festival in Prague 15. 1.—19. 1. 2020 || Brno 21.—22. 01. 2020 || Košice 23.—25. 1. 2020 || Bratislava 30.—31. 01. 2020.

|| Opening Ceremony of the Film Festival ÍRÁN:CI will take place on January 15, 2020 at 19.30 pm in Světozor Cinema.
As in previous years, the festival will introduce selected films from Cannes, Berlin, Venice, Locarno, Amsterdam, and other prestigious international film festivals. Most of the films will be seen in the Czech Republic for the first time and many of them will be personally introduced by the most prominent personalities of the Iranian film world.

Screenings at Screenshot:



Only 14, Khatemeh runs away from her forced husband and aggressive brother and finds a haven in a female shelter. Shattered by her nightmarish domestic life, she hides away from her family as they pull every trick in their sleeves to take her back home. As the unceasing threats from her manipulative family get louder and closer, she finds it harder to pull herself together and stand for her own rights. A raw and immediate portrait of a girl on a constant run, this is a rollercoaster of a film that runs with rage, fear and an unceasing hope for deliverance.


Block Of Shorts I.

Magralen / Maryam Zarei / Iran 2018– An imaginative boy and his blind younger sister pretend to drive Formula 1 race cars in the dreary scrapyard where they live. He dreams up whimsical scencarios to bring color into his sister’s life, and escape the growing distance between their parents.
Funfair / Kaveh Mazaheri / Iran 2019 – A middle-aged man drowning in debt involves his family in a low-stakes scheme to earn quick money. With the help of his cartoon-obsessed son and loving wife, what could possibly go wrong?
Manicure / Arman Fayyaz – Following a suicide in a mountain village, the body is prepared for burial in the local cemetery. As the villagers discover the dead woman’s intersexual physicality, her grieving husband is forced to face violent outbursts and threats from the unforgiving community.
The People Smuggle / Amir Reza Jalalian / Iran 2018 – A rugged old man living in a border town surrounded by a dense forest earns a living by misleading migrants and directing them onto heavily guarded paths. While smuggling a young couple, and to the detriment to his own business, the man takes a protective interest in the woman and tries to divert her from the inevitable death trap.

Zona / Toofan Nahan Ghodrati / Iran 2017 – A man accused of impregnating a woman is required by the court to prove his innocence with a DNA test. The results shatter the very foundation of his existence and trigger a cascading series of unfortunate events.



Iran is known across the universe as one of the most significant producers of phenomenal arthouse cinema. This is only partly true. Before the 1979 revolution, Iran produced some of the most bizarre, unintentionally hilarious and unforgivably terrible films filled with ridiculous narratives, sex, drugs and wars of honor. This is a joyous ride through this forgotten heritage of Iranian cine- ma that sheds light on the revolution which changed the destiny of Iranian people forever. Filmfarsi is an engaging and raw visual essay that dips and dives through the melodramatic and the trashy, the romantic and the absurd.                      Tickets:

The Warden

Iran is known across the universe as one of the most significant producers of phenomenal arthouse cinema. This is only partly true. Before the 1979 revolution, Iran produced some of the most bizarre, unintentionally hilarious and unforgivably terrible films filled with ridiculous narratives, sex, drugs and wars of honor. This is a joyous ride through this forgotten heritage of Iranian cine- ma that sheds light on the revolution which changed the destiny of Iranian people forever. Filmfarsi is an engaging and raw visual essay that dips and dives through the melodramatic and the trashy, the romantic and the absurd.                      Tickets:

Block Of Shorts II.

Elephant’s Shadow / Arman Khansarian –A recently divorced woman living in Tehran turns to an old friend to act out a scenario for her dying father in the hospital. As the two devoted friends spend their day in the city as a married couple, their selfless intentions are perhaps less platonic that they originally thought.
Cover / Vahid Alvandifar / Írán 2018 – Two rugged workers transport the deceased body of their colleague, Ahmad, when he unexpectedly returns from the dead. As the three men drive through mountainous roads to get home, Ahmad does everything in his power to escape his past life.
Chelleh / Davood Khayyam – An obese man in prison is rewarded with a 12-hour leave for memorizing the Koran. Cast out from society together with his overweight wife and son, the man dedicates his precious time outside his cell to ensure that his loved ones have the food and money they need to survive in the harsh outside world.
Fault Line / Soheil Amirsharifi / Iran 2018 – A teenage girl at the top of her class conspires with loyal friends to stage an accident at school. Are the theatrics and faked injury enough to disguise the clandestine truth about her commute to school that morning?
Reverence / Sogol Rezvani – A theatre actress in a romantic affair with her male co-star is forced to face her infidelity before the final night of her play. On stage, the two characters poetically profess their deep love for one another in an exchange that feels real beyond the script.


An unflinching look at the lives of Tehran’s middle-class today, Talla follows a determined young man whose future goes off the track as he pushes to earn the simplest life he deserves. He starts a small cafe with his girlfriend to build a meaningful life for his young ill niece, Talla, but his life takes an irreversible and sinister turn when he finds it impossible to pay back the investment and is left to make a much tougher decision than he ever imagined. The newest film from one of the most prominent figures of Iranian arthouse cinema, Talla is a sharp, fiercely honest portrait of a young man whose dreams come to a sudden halt in a world where every hope seems to lead to a dead-end.


Grand Opening

Three months after our soft opening, Screenshot has been the host to over 35 screenings, dozen of events, a film festival and many memorable evenings. A brief and promising journey that made us believe in our mission and in you; “The Screenshot community”.

Now that we have mastered our craft, shined our space and learned more about you, it is time to fully launch our bars and invite you to join our grand opening.

To mark the occasion and celebrate the official launch of our bars, buckle up to groove to the sound of NONDO and ELIS

A new duo project created by two producers who have been collaborating for almost 2 years. Serhan Guney and Can Karabulut

After having released on labels such as Diynamic, Radiant., Beatfreak or Dear Deer, the guys from the city of Prague decided to put things together that belong together.

“CHIRAL” is an original track from their debut EP, available on 13th December.

Bitter Dream/Khab-e talkh 6.12 / 19:30

Director: Mohsen Amiryoussefi 
Screenwriter: Mohsen Amiryoussefi 
Cinematography: Bayram Fazli 
Cast: Yadollah Anvari, Abbas Esfandiari,
Delbar Ghasri, Mohsen Rahimi, Safar-Ali Safari 
Producer: Touba Films

For forty years, Esfandiar has been unconcernedly preparing corpses for the journey to their final resting place. One day, whilst preparing a burial service, he’s taken ill. Might he too be mortal?

Tickets are available at: