Screenshot Menu

Screenshot is, first of all, a bar and a screening room, with an adjoining event space. It will cater to afternoon coffee and wine drinkers during the day, to cocktail drinkers in the evenings. Guests will find us to be an ideal meeting point for pre and post-film discussion, or just meeting with  like-minded friends.

Rough cut

The rough cut is the first stage in which the film
begins to resemble its final face. The term
originates from the early days of filmmaking when
film stock was physically cut and reassembled, but is
still used to describe projects that are recorded and
edited digitally.
Scotch and Cognac. A peaty tribute
 to the Sazerac.

Dogme 95

Dogme was a filmmaking movement started in 1995 by
the Danish directors Lars von Trier and Thomas
Vinterberg. Dogme 95 were a series of rules to create
filmmaking based on the traditional values of story,
acting and theme, excluding the use of elaborate
special effects or technology. It was an attempt to
take back power for the director as an artist, as
opposed to the studio.
  Gin. A Nordic roughness, simple
 yet deep flavours.

Whiskey Noir

A style or genre of cinematographic film marked by
a mood of pessimism, fatalism, and menace. The term was
originally applied by French critics to American
thriller or detective films made in the period 1944–54.
  Bourbon. Peaty, sourish, tea-dried.

Soviet Montage

Soviet montage theory is an approach to creating cinema
that relies heavily upon editing. It is the principal
contribution of Soviet film theorists to global cinema,
and brought formalism to bear on filmmaking.

For Vodka lovers. Fruity, long, sweet & sour.