Screenshot is delighted to announce it’s first season of film programme starting 2nd of October. This carefully curated program, is dedicated to a selection of top 50 Czech and Czechoslovak films, dated from the 1930s to the contemporary era. Many of these titles are completely restored by Czech National Film Archive and other institutions, and will be screened in high quality and with English subtitles. Attending this program provides you a great opportunity to get to know more about Czechs, through the camera lens.

Our selection contains acclaimed classic films from the history of Czech cinema, outstanding art films together with popular genre films that proved their quality over the years and remained part of Czech cultural heritage. The programme includes literary adaptations of Karel Čapek, Jaroslav Hašek or Vladislav Vančura. Academy Award winners and highly innovative and imaginative works of the great director Karel Zeman are among these masterpieces. We’ve also focused on significant works of Czech new wave filmmakers (Pavel Juráček, Věra Chytilová, Miloš Forman, Jiří Menzel, and many others).

We could not miss films that emerged after the Soviet invasion in 1968 ended the Prague Spring and political normalization forced many free-minded directors to leave the country or to use escapist route of genre films, often combining comedy with science-fiction or western genres parody. Selected films produced after 1989 reflect the wild and spontaneous period of the 1990s.


Wednesday 6.11.2019 – 20:00

Cottage Near the Woods 

Na samotě u lesa (1976)