A Glimpse of ÍRÁN:CI

With only a month left to the upcoming edition of ÍRÁN:CI, join us for this exquisite chance to experience some of the boldest films that have found their way to the festival between 2012 and 2019.


Screenshot is a newly opened hybrid space for Prague film lovers, art students, and tastemakers, offering a cozy screening room with independent film programming, gallery space, and two bars. 
Located in the heart of historic Prague, Screenshot lives to celebrate film, art, music, and fine cocktails. 

Film Screening

The first season of film programme at  Screenshot, is dedicated to a selection of top 50 Czech and Czechoslovak films, dated from the 1930s to the contemporary era. Many of these titles are completely restored by Czech National Film Archive and other institutions, and will be screened in high quality and with English subtitles. A great opportunity to get to know more about Czechs, through the camera lens. 

Come for the Movie

Stay for the Community

Screenshot is a hybrid space for Prague film connoisseurs and tastemakers, offering the atmosphere of a clean and cozy artistic space with professional drink mixing, film programming, and high-quality sound and video production.

We live to celebrate film, art, music, and fine cocktails. 

As an international environment, our screenings are always with English subtitles. Before and after the viewings, you will enjoy Screenshot’s top-shelf cocktails, you can browse our library or enjoy the exhibition of arts in our small gallery. Screenshot’s gallery space is open to local and international visual artists. 

Film oriented events, concerts and exhibitions are what Screenshot is about.

Block Of Shorts I – 7.12 / 19:30

Retouch Director: Kaveh Mazaheri 2017 / 20 min Maryam's husband died in front of her eyes and she just watches until he died. Marziyeh Director: Dornaz Hajiha 2017 / 29 min Marziyeh goes to a wake with her husband. Something happens in the wake that changes their...

Bitter Dream/Khab-e talkh 6.12 / 19:30

Director: Mohsen Amiryoussefi Screenwriter: Mohsen Amiryoussefi Cinematography: Bayram Fazli Cast: Yadollah Anvari, Abbas Esfandiari, Delbar Ghasri, Mohsen Rahimi, Safar-Ali Safari Producer: Touba Films For forty years, Esfandiar has been unconcernedly...

Dingomaro – Iran’s Black South – 8.12 / 19:30

Director: Kamran Heidari Screenplay: Kamran Heidari Cinematography: Sajjad Arvand Cast: Hamid Saeed Producers: Dariush Rafiee, Kambiz Khoram Hamid Saeed known as Dingomaro shares his thoughts and wishes about having a music concert with African musicians in...

Block Of Shorts II – 7.12 / 21:30

Tickets are available at:  https://bit.ly/2LkcP6T AniMal Directors: Bahman and Bahram Ark 2017 / 16 min A man disguises himself as a ram in order to sneak over a border into another country. Under the colours Director: Esmail Monsef 2012 / 20 min This...