Grand Opening

Three months after our soft opening, Screenshot has been the host to over 35 screenings, dozen of events, a film festival and many memorable evenings. A brief and promising journey that made us believe in our mission and in you; “The Screenshot community”.

Now that we have mastered our craft, shined our space and learned more about you, it is time to fully launch our bars and invite you to join our grand opening.

To mark the occasion and celebrate the official launch of our bars, buckle up to groove to the sound of NONDO and ELIS

A new duo project created by two producers who have been collaborating for almost 2 years. Serhan Guney and Can Karabulut

After having released on labels such as Diynamic, Radiant., Beatfreak or Dear Deer, the guys from the city of Prague decided to put things together that belong together.

“CHIRAL” is an original track from their debut EP, available on 13th December.

The week of great literary adaptations 16.10 – 18.10 .

For this week, “Czechs through the lens” brings you three classic Czech films adapting the works of two well-known writers. Karel Čapek and Jaroslav Hašek.

The White Disease (1937) is a great work of art by actor and director Hugo Haas, based on Čapek’s allegorical and humanistic play that strongly resonated in 1930s Europe, dramatic part of Czech history when Nazi’s aggression was increasing.

Another Čapek’s adaptation is Krakatit (1948) by Otakar Vávra, who filmed this novel twice, the second time in 1980. This science-fiction mystery about the invention of a new revolutionary explosive amplifies the anti-war message and again, humanity.

We could not miss the popular Czech character and another anti-war hero, The Good Soldier Švejk (1956). The absurd adventures of good-humored Švejk, exposing the stupidity of war, based on the most translated novel of Czech literature by Jaroslav Hašek.

All the titles are with English subtitles.


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