Bitter Dream/Khab-e talkh 6.12 / 19:30

Director: Mohsen Amiryoussefi 
Screenwriter: Mohsen Amiryoussefi 
Cinematography: Bayram Fazli 
Cast: Yadollah Anvari, Abbas Esfandiari,
Delbar Ghasri, Mohsen Rahimi, Safar-Ali Safari 
Producer: Touba Films

For forty years, Esfandiar has been unconcernedly preparing corpses for the journey to their final resting place. One day, whilst preparing a burial service, he’s taken ill. Might he too be mortal?

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Dingomaro – Iran’s Black South – 8.12 / 19:30

Director: Kamran Heidari
Screenplay: Kamran Heidari
Cinematography: Sajjad Arvand
Cast: Hamid Saeed
Producers: Dariush Rafiee, Kambiz Khoram

Hamid Saeed known as Dingomaro shares his thoughts and wishes about having a music concert with African musicians in Hormozgan. He and Dingomaro are friends.

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Block Of Shorts II – 7.12 / 21:30

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Directors: Bahman and Bahram Ark

2017 / 16 min

A man disguises himself as a ram in order to sneak over a border into another country.

Under the colours

Director: Esmail Monsef

2012 / 20 min

This soldiers’ tale begins when a female item appears in the barracks…


Director: Navid Danesh

2014 / 24 min

People are content with the situation they’re in, otherwise they would change it. It doesn’t matter at what cost, they would change it.

Like a Good Kid 

Director: Arian Vazirdaftari 

2018 / 20 min

Sara (a 24-year-old girl) is supposed to babysit Matin (a 6-year-old boy) for the day, while his mother is at work.

A Moon in Wane

Director: Ali Derakhshandeh

2017 / 22 min

A man assigned to transfer a dead body to another village based On the will of a deceased person.

Block Of Shorts I – 7.12 / 19:30


Director: Kaveh Mazaheri

2017 / 20 min

Maryam’s husband died in front of her eyes and she just watches until he died.


Director: Dornaz Hajiha

2017 / 29 min

Marziyeh goes to a wake with her husband. Something happens in the wake that changes their relationship.

The Road Is Closed 

Director:  Vahid Hajilouie

2011 / 22 min


The Old and Doleful Ballad of Asmar’s Rainy Afternoon

Director: Majid Barzegar 

2000 / 28 min.